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August 7th - A New Trend, Cat Declawing, and a Gun Buyback

An interesting new social trend made the national news. People are reaching out to strangers and texting their “number neighbors”. Your number neighbor is a person who's phone number is the same as yours plus or minus one on the last 4. So if your final 4 digits are 1234 then your neighbors are 1235 and 1233. I dunno, give it a try. Maybe you'll meet a new pen pal. Maybe you'll open up a giant can of crazy. I'm not psychic.


A little while ago we discussed how New York banned the declawing of cats. A Florida state senator proposed a similar bill that will be looked at next year. If passed, cat owner could only declaw cats if it was medically necessary.

Gainesville Sun

From 10 to 2 this Saturday, Gainesville is having a gun buyback. It's gonna be at Fire Station #3. GPD reportedly says they don't care if you are supposed to have the gun, they just want the firearm. People will have immunity transporting guns to the event. When you get there, turn on your emergency lights to signal you are bringing a weapon.


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