December 26th - Colorado Santa, Iguanas, and Airboats


A man up in Colorado allegedly tried to be a gangster Santa and be charitable with his ill gotten gains. Officials say an older man with a beard robbed a bank, then started shouting “Merry Christmas” and he chucked fistfuls of dollar bills near bystanders. Apparently they weren't invigorated with his brand of Christmas spirit and gathered up the bills to bring back to the bank. The robber walked to a nearby coffee shop to await arrest.




Iguanas are still an issue here in Florida. Especially in South Florida. It really never gets cold enough to kill them off, and they have a tendency to be destructive. Lovely things like biting power lines, dying, and knocking out the power to a neighborhood. Florida Fish and Wildlife reportedly encourages people to hunt wild Iguanas on their property.




If you're a fan of nighttime air boat runs on the river in Alachua County I've got good news. Might be a specific interest by bear with me. A local judge ruled the air boat curfew to be unconstitutional. Before you go on your nighttime joyride I would call the authorities and ask what the status quo is, unless you are the confrontational type.


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