December 2nd - Urine Samples, Animal Abuse, and a Diverted Flight


An odd story out of Washington state. A movie theater was evacuated after a package labeled "highly contagious" got delivered to the location. It wasn't a deadly nerve agent, it was a load of urine samples. Which is pretty gross



HB 621 in the Florida legislature would require veterinarians to report suspected animal abuse. Some vets fear this will lead people to avoid taking their pets to the doctor for fear of being falsely accused. The veterinary association is reportedly still studying the wording of the bill.



A woman in Pensacola diverted a flight after being denied a larger seat. She reportedly faked having breathing issues which made the pilot turn the plane around. When the plane landed she initially refused to leave. Police and the pilot managed to get her off the plane, and she ended up getting Baker Acted.


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