December 31st - a Texas Shooting, Florida Tasing, and Plastic Straws


A gunman opened fire in a Texas church over the weekend, killing two. Within seconds of his attack, the head of church security Jack Wilson, shot him in the head with his pistol. The shooter had previous run-ins with the law but was reportedly not on a watch list.




a 70-year-old woman in Florida was tased several times by police after she refused to let them into her home. Her son was on probation and listed her address as his residence. Police say she met them at the door after someone else refused to let them in. She demanded a warrant and the police said they didn't need one because they were performing an arrest warrant. Police say she pushed an officer, so they tased her until she stopped resisting then arrested her for felony battery on an officer.




Gainesville is banning plastic straws soon. Starting January 1st, you will have to bring a re-usable straw to restaurants. Or just drink from the cup.


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