January 3rd - Australia Wildfires, U-Haul, and Mobile Home Fires

Huge quantities of Australia have caught fire and burned down in an unprecedented firestorm. Around 12 million acres of land have been consumed by the fiery tempest. The disaster is several years of drought coming to a head, and the past 15 years have had 9 of the hottest years on record. 1000's of firefighters are engaged with the blaze, and the United States has sent some to assist.




Starting soon U-Haul has announced it wont be hiring nicotine smokers in around half the states in the union. Florida being one. The company claims that the policy is their move to foster wellness among their workers. The policy only applies to new hires.

ABC, USA Today



Around a half-dozen unused and abandoned mobile homes in Melrose caught fire. The fire spread quickly in the wee hours of the morning and the cause is currently being investigated.


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