March 11th - Dow Drop, Lotto Winning, and Local Water


The Dow Jones took the worst daily dive since 2008 recently. Economic activity has slowed due to the fears around, and effects of, COVID 19. Gas prices also dropped, partly due to decreases in travel and also due to Russia and Saudi Arabia butting heads over oil production quotas. Russia refused to reduce production in the face of decreased demand.

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A woman in Ocala is now a multi-millionaire. She bought a lotto ticket in South Florida, let it auto generate numbers, and is now $280 million richer.




So it looks like we have to wait longer to see the end of the Nestle water dispute. There were plans to renew its contract for drawing up to a million gallons of water a day from the Santa Fe. Suwanee River Water Management seems to be waiting for all the lawsuits to play out to make a decision.


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