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May 16th

The most restrictive abortion bill in the nation was just signed into law in Alabama. In 6 months, doctors performing abortions in the state would receive a hundred years in prison. The only exceptions to the law are if the fetus is already dead or if the mother is in serious danger carrying the baby. 3 other states have passed similar, very restrictive abortion laws this year.


Florida has joined a group lawsuit against generic drug makers. 43 states and Puerto Rico are claiming that the manufacturers conspired to keep prices high and not go into competition with one another. Industry advocates have reportedly claimed that business have been competing with one another normally and prices have gone down.

Gainesville Sun

Officials suspect that a house fire in Marion County on Tuesday was caused by an arsonist. Police received a tip, and after a chase they found the suspect hiding in his home. The suspect is facing charges and was reportedly suffering from burn injuries.


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