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November 8th - Chinese Goods, All-You-Can-Eat, and a Candy Buyback


Aventura in New York is in hot water after being accused of deliberately mislabeling Chinese made goods and passing them as American. They sold security equipment like body cameras to the public and US Military. There are reportedly emails with incriminating evidence of executives talking to others about the cover up




The news you've all been waiting for, Readers Digest has announced the best-all-you-can-eat-place in the state. Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando is king, so if you're headed down there for vacation grab your favorite newsman a gift card.

Orlando Weekly



Speaking of calories, there is a local Halloween candy buyback. If you bought too much candy or your kid did a little too well trick or treating "Kids Only Dental Place" in Gainesville is buying it in bulk for a dollar a pound. The candy is then sent as care packages to military members. The event runs from 8 to 4 today.

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