October 10th - Jordans, Models, and Tractors


Over $2 million “worth” of fake Nikes were seized from a port in LA. The 15,000 pairs of counterfeit shoes were stuffed in a box labeled “napkins”. I feel like they could have labeled the box something closer in weight and density to shoes. The shoes were modeled after the popular Air-Jordan design.




An officer from Miami Beach is in trouble for participating in a naughty Instagram video. The video shows him in uniform escorting 3 scantily clad ladies to the police headquarters in cuffs. He is facing disciplinary action and was relieved of duty.




Ian Stoltzfus is slowly making his way down to Sarastota in his tractor to raise awareness for PTSD and injured veterans. He's traveled 17,000 miles rolling along at a blistering 15 miles per hour.


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