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October 11th - an Invasion, Sentencing, and a Dirty Lake


Turkey has launched an invasion of northern Syria just a few days after the White House announced they would be pulling troops out of the region. The Kurds, an ethnic group in the area, were US allies in the fight against ISIS. Turkey considers the Kurdish organization that assisted the US a terrorist organization due to very high tensions with Kurds in their own country.

CNN, NBC, ABC Australia



Michael Drejka, a man whose case we've brought up a few times before, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Michael got into a heated argument with a woman over parking in a handicapped spot. Her boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, came out of the store and shoved Michael down. Michael pulled out his gun and shot Markeis, killing him. The couple's children were with them at the time.




Alachua County is trying to convince the state to invest $10 million into cleaning up Newnans Lake. The county has put forth $150,000 to fix up the area and that state has given $800,000 in grants. Even with the money it would take years to undo the damage done.


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