October 3rd - A Lightning Strike, a Funeral, and Going Above and Beyond


A man running a 50 kilometer race in Kansas was struck by lightning a short distance before the finish line. The bolt killed him. Other runners tried to restart his heart but were unable too. Thomas was 33 when he died.




An elderly veteran from Napals, Fl. who passed away with no family had 4000 people come together to attend his funeral. The funeral home that received him posted on social media that the community was invited and it took off. Many fellow veterans from the community showed up to pay their respects.




Deputy Aaron Belfry did a tremendous deed early this week. He talked a man off the railing of an overpass on 1-75. Aaron told the media he felt where the man was in his life and felt compelled to do whatever he could to help. He said that law enforcement is there to help whoever needs help.


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