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September 10th - Felony Theft, Scammers, and the Plastic Wars


If you magically found an extra $120,000 in your bank account would you spend it? I hope the answer to that is no because that's a crime. A bank teller accidentally typed in the wrong account number, and a couple in Pennsylvania got our hypothetical amount richer. They happened to choose the dark path. After giving away some of the money and spending the rest on new toys, they're both facing felony theft charges.




Some scammers are pretending to be from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and demanding money. They aren't from the FDLE and don't give them your money. Your phone may even register the caller ID as the FDLE. That is also a lie. Phone scammers are able to fool your phone into thinking they are calling from a different number.




Gainesville isn't giving up the fight against disposable plastic. Instead of outright banning plastic bags and Styrofoam containers, commissioners are blocking their distribution on city property. This includes places like sidewalks. Gainesville has chosen to take their foot off the gas a bit after the courts ruled against Coral Gable's plastic bans.

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