September 16th - a Parasite, a Missing Person, and Local Construction


A young girl in Texas caught a terrifying disease, Naegleria Fowleri. While she was swimming the amoeba entered her nose and from there headed towards her brain. The creature destroys the brain and is lethal in 97% of cases. It's most commonly found in warm freshwater. However, there have been less than 40 cases in the past decade.




A 20-year-old missing person case was solved recently. William Moldt went missing in 1997 after leaving the bar late in the evening. Satellite images revealed something that couldn't been seen from ground level. A car was sunk a short distance off shore of a lake in Wellington. When officials went to take a look, they found a heavily calcified vehicle and William's skeletal remains.

Science Alert



If you drive through Marion county this might be important. There will be some delays near the intersection of NW 58th and 441 starting at 7pm and through till the morning. The construction will continue until Wednesday.


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