September 20th - Drone Strike, School Threats, and a Gruesome Killing


A US drone strike in Afghanistan killed 30 field workers and injured 40. They were gathered together after spending the day harvesting pine nuts. A spokesperson for the provincial governor reportedly said that the strike was meant to target IS militants. A spokesperson for the US confirms that they did conduct a drone strike, are aware of the allegations, and are working to determine the facts.

Reuters, Business Insider



2 middle school students in Osceola County were arrested for making threats to kill their fellow students. Police say that other students came forward and told them that they were on a “safe list”. The arrested kids also reportedly had a list of who they wanted to stab. The kids claim it was a joke.




A man from Ocala is accused of killing his wife and 4 children. He was caught after getting in a car crash in Georgia, and he reportedly told officers he had his wife's body in the car. He also said that he just got rid of the kid's bodies. To add to the gruesome insanity, officials think that he had their bodies with him for 2 weeks.



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