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September 24th - Beekeepers, Power Lines, and Airports


Beekeeping organizations are upset with the EPA over its decision to loosen restrictions on the use of some pesticides on crops. They've taken the issue to court. The EPA claims that the pesticides they freed up are less damaging than other kinds of pesticides. Environmental groups claim the studies are industry funded.




There are proposals in the works here in Florida to harden our power infrastructure against hurricanes. Talk is to expand the underground power network. Lots of utilities already wrap infrastructure upgrade costs into power bills, but the new rule would allow for the upgrade to be levied as a separate fee. There is currently an argument over how detailed the construction plans need to be and if fees should be collected in advance of projects.

Gainesville Sun



Gainesville Regional Airport got approved for a big grant. $12 million from the FAA is going to add 15,000 square feet to the airport. It GRA's biggest grant ever.


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