September 4th - Hurricane Dorian


This will probably be the last day we have one big Dorian story for the news. Unless something crazy happens, the storm seems to be slowly churning its way north. Dorian dropped to a category 2 storm yesterday. We aren't out of the fire yet however. Dorian has some big bulky arms, and tropical force winds are still possible for the listening area. The eye of the storm will probably stay out in the ocean.


Stay up to date on the storm's progress.


The Bahamas didn't fare so well. Almost half of the homes on Grand Bahama and Abaco were destroyed. Grand Bahama airport was 6 feet underwater. 60,000 people on the hardest hit islands will need food aid, and at least 5 have died.


Schools in Union are closed until Thursday. Same with Putnam and Bradford. Clay will be back open Friday. Marion is closed all week.


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