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Apollo Moon Samples Finally Being Opened After 50 Years


After almost 50 years, NASA is finally testing moon samples from the Apollo missions.

They figured that technology would vastly improve over time, and they figured right. Now we can detect things in the moon samples that were previously impossible to see.

NASA did open some of the samples, but resealed others, putting them back into storage. The unopened ones have been sent off to various teams in NASA's ANGSA program (Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis).

Astrochemist Jamie Elsila, who is on one of the ANGSA teams, told Gizmodo, "“In the past 50 years, our analytical sensitivity has greatly improved, and new methods have been developed to isolate the compounds that we are interested in, giving us an ability for detection that wasn’t possible 50 years ago. It’s really a matter of more advanced instrumentation and methods that let us find and measure these molecules now.”

For more info, read Gizmodo's article.

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