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New Judah&The Lion Album This Friday

This Friday, May 3rd, Judah&The Lion are releasing their third studio album titled "Pep Talks." 

Luckily for us, they went on Twitter and released the whole tracklist! 

  1. Pep Talk
  2. Quarter-Life Crisis 
  3. Why Did You Run?
  4. I'm Ok
  5. Pictures featuring Kacey Musgraves
  6. Over my head 
  7. Queen songs/human
  8. Don't mess with my mama
  9. 7000x
  10. Alright (frick it!)
  11. GoofBallerz
  12. JoyBoy
  13. Passion Fashion featuring Jon Bellion
  14. Dance with Ya 
  15. Family/ best is yet to come
  16. sportz
  17. 17 

Fans tweeted their excitement for the upcoming album, and I couldn't relate more. 

For more information and tour dates, click here. 

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