Christmas Lights Are Bringing Cheer For Those Stuck Inside

Christmas Lights

If you see Christmas lights starting to appear out of season, it’s because people across the country are finding ways to spread some cheer.

The pandemic has brought with it a lot of doom and gloom--and for good reason, it's a scary thing. However, that doesn't mean we can't find cheer in the little things. For the people stuck indoors practicing social distancing, something as simple as putting up Christmas lights can bring back hope.

Even though they're out of season, Christmas lights are giving us something different to do. They get our mind working while putting them up, and it can be safe fun to drive around and look at what other people have on display.

So if you're bored and maybe even feeling a little down, put up some Christmas lights if you have them. It could make someone's day during this hard time.

For more info, read CNN's article.

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