The Diamond Dig


There are contests, then THERE. ARE. CONTESTS! We're teaming up with MA Entertainment to present THE DIAMOND DIG AND FOOD TRUCK RALLY! Are you lucky enough to pull out one of the many gift certificates we have to the all new International Diamond Center? It could be YOU that wins $250, $500 or even $1,000 to IDC, or one of dozens of other prizes! All you have to do is dig through the ICE for a chance to grab some ICE!

For a complete list of prizes and official rules, Click Here.

Our Diamond Dig will be held from 3-5PM, but the food truck rally will continue until 7PM, with some of the best food trucks in town, including:

  • Ahar - Indian Cuisine 
  • Jibaro Boricua - Puerto Rican Cuisine
  •  DB Rolling Dough - Artisanal Pizza
  •  Bone of my Bone - BBQ “so good you don’t   need the sauce”
  • Tom Kettle Corn - Pop Corn and more
  • Radha’s Kitchen - Your vegan Option so good you won’t miss the meat
  • Salvador Cuisine - Authentic Popusas
  • Off the Griddle - Southern Comfort Food
  • Soup to Nuts - Authentic American Cuisine
  • Arepas Milko - Venezuelan Cuisine 
  • Aromas Cafe - “The Best  Coffee in Town”
  • Old San Juan - The best Puerto Rica Cuisine in Town


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