Facebook: New Feature Allows You To Unsend Messages


Facebook is finally rolling out a feature that allows you delete sent messages.

If you accidentally send a embarrassing photo or a sentence with a ton of typos, Facebook will allow you to delete it within a ten minute period. All you have to do is hold down on the message, and hit “Remove for Everyone.”

Facebook announced they would create this feature last year after it was discovered that Zuckerberg could. They quickly made it to where you could delete a message on your own side, however, the other person could still see it. Now they've finally made good on their promise.

If you're concerned that Facebook will see your embarrassing message...well, they still have it, even after you delete it. The message will be stored in their servers for a limited time in case someone reports abuse.

This feature will be available for everyone on the Messenger app in the coming weeks.

For more info, read Gizmodo's article.

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