Researchers Powered A Lamp With Mushrooms

(Photo by Harshal S. Hirve on Unsplash)

A team at the Stevens Institute of Technology here in the US devised a way to generate electricity with mushrooms.

It started with cyanobacteria, an organism that is found in the ocean and on land. Their ability to convert sunlight into an electrical current has caught the eye's of scientists researching clean energy.

The scientists at the Stevens Institute of Technology knew what the cyanobacteria was capable of, but there was the problem of keeping them alive in artificial environments. They found the solution during lunch: mushrooms.

They used bio-ink to 3D print cyanobacteria onto button mushrooms. The bacteria eats the mushrooms, generating a small charge.

In a test, the team connected the mushrooms and bacteria together to power a small lamp.

For more info, read the BBC's article!

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